October 5, 2009

About Cady McClain

Hello Agnes – Love your new website and blog! The photos and videos bring back a lot of fine memories of days gone by. I wish AMC was still the powerhouse show it used to be back in the day, but I am quite worried that the move to LA will only serve to hasten its demise, given the current state AMC is in. IMHO, TPTB on AMC need to bring Cady McClain’s Dixie back alive to Michael E. Knight’s Tad asap. At the very least they need to drop a major hint before the move west that their reunion IS definitely in the works and then follow through with it, if they want to motivate AMC’s many veteran fans to follow the show through its transition and beyond. Veteran fans need and/or want tangible ‘hope’ of being able to watch Tad with the love of his life Dixie ‘together forever’ again onscreen to keep them vested in AMC through and beyond the move. Please, put a good word in for finally reuniting AMC’s best ever supercouple. IMHO, it is the ONLY way the show will survive the move to LA. Thank you for almost 40 years of AMC, especially the many ‘warm fuzzy’ moments that felt like home. Love in the afternoon was great while it lasted, and could be again if you can get TPTB on AMC to wise up and bring Cady’s Dixie back alive to MEK’s Tad. I hope you agree with me that it would be the perfect way to kick off AMC’s 40th Anniversary. Thank you for listening and caring all these years. Susan

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Dear Agnes – Thank you so much for taking the time to address my comments about Cady. However, I am a bit confused by your explanation concerning ALL her departures from AMC. It is very true that Cady left AMC several times over the years she portrayed Dixie for her own personal life reasons, however her Dixie’s “death by poison peanut butter pancakes” exit in 2006 was NOT one of those times. Cady was let go/given her walking papers/dismissed by TPTB in the one of the most inexcusably horrible, heartless exit storylines in all soap opera history. Cady’s own comments regarding that particular exit were well documented all over the internet including in her own blog, and in every soap trade magazine on the market. When that happened, she made it very clear that she had NOTHING to do with the TPTB’s decision to kill her Dixie off AMC, unless of course her caring too much about the integrity of Tad and Dixie’s storyline qualified as a personal reason to be fired. Shortly after that, Megan McTavish was fired.

I don’t understand how or why you would be unaware of this. The only other possibility would be that Cady lied to her fans about what really went down that day, and I just don’t believe she would do that. She writes one of the most open and honest blogs I have ever read on the internet.

IMHO, AMC’s ratings have been suffering the negative consequences of Dixie’s poison pancakes death ever since and will continue to do so, until TPTB who were responsible for that regretable error in judgement come to their senses and ‘undo’ her Dixie’s death for real(Cady’s ghost Dixie again would not suffice).

Myself and countless others have tried in every conceivable way to get through to TPTB (emails, snail mail, and phone calls) to no avail. Assuming you still have some creative influence over the decisions TPTB at ABC/AMC make these days and that you don’t want to see this creation you poured your heart and soul into for decades continue to decline to the point of no return, I implore you to strongly point out to any/all who will listen the urgent need to start the ball rolling now on Cady’s Dixie returning to her PV loved ones. As I said in my previous comment, if TPTB don’t get this in motion before the move to LA, they may never ever get the opportunity to do so, especially if this move on its own does not pan out to be ‘fix’ they all hope it will be. IMHO, it will take much more than cheaper LA production costs and broadcasting in HD to get AMC’s ratings to significantly rebound. Much more believable and relatable writing all around is critical. What ever happened to love in the afternoon? Maybe it is time to bring that back. There is still so much more untold storyline for Tad and Dixie. Cady has said that she is more than willing to return to AMC when she is done with ATWT, if TPTB will give MEK’s Tad and her Dixie the storyline they have earned. She doesn’t want to disappoint the fans again with another poorly written return like her Dixie’s last one was. I assume you wouldn’t want that either.

Again, thanks for listening and continuing to care. You are a gem.

Susan on October 5, 2009 at 7:56 pm

Why doesnt the all my children writers seem like they care anymore? the stories hardly make any sense, and their not funny or socially relevant any more.

Is it true that Brian Fronz is trying to cancel all soaps and replace them? or is that just rumor? also, why did Julia Barr leave, and can they bring her back???

Can you return to consult with the staff?

Andrew Wyatt on October 10, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Dear Ms. Nixon,
I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when I learned about this site/blog, and respect and admire you so much for keeping in contact with the fiercely loyal fans your creative genius earned. AMC earned my viewership around 2005 when I started high school and my mom let me sit in on her ’story’ (making me feel incredibly grown up might I add)
In any event, I was floored but thrilled when I noticed you dedicated an entry to easily my favorite soap actress, ever. Despite the poor choices made plotwise with how Dixie returned in 2006, very fast she became my favorite character. I didn’t know Tad & Dixie in all their glory but despite the major wringer their characters were put through, the brilliance of Michael Knight and Cady McClain shone through and I fell for the supercouple head over heels.
I remember reading a spoiler one morning, that they’d be sharing a kiss and going on a date over chicken fingers and was over the moon, til later I read much to my horror who was going to succumb to poison pancakes.
The new but diehard TnD holic in me was kicked in the teeth and needless to say on ‘Black Tues’ as it’s been dubbed, my mother and I went through a box of kleenex.
That awfulness coupled with the dismissal of Julia Barr, threw my rose colored glasses off as far as my only soap was concerned. I can safely say the last storyline I was wholeheartedly invested in was when you lent a hand in Jesse and Angie’s reunion, and while I thoroughly loved the antics of Ghost Dixie and Adam and the drama unfolding with Tad and the Kate reveal, the so called closure it provided made the hole left by pancakes all the more deep to me. I’m still waiting in vain to read a spoiler that undoes that dish for good and brings back the together forever I anxiously sought for a year and got a taste of for a month.
I truly hope the show will take advantage of Cady’s willingness to return and give the fans the payoff we deserve. Just as I hope many other things for this show these days as I am nearly tuned out entirely. I sincerely hope we will be granted a writer who cares and respects the show and it’s history in the not too distant future, because sadly I feel no respect coming from the higher ups at the moment as far as character driven keeping with history plots go.

In any event, thank you so much for your creativity that gave us this show, and for your touching base with the fans you earned. You are indeed a legend and an inspiration to young writers like myself. Thank you and take care!!

All the best, K.P

Kim P on October 14, 2009 at 2:36 pm

Agnes, first, thank you for creating AMC and giving us all a lovely escape with rich characters for many years. I onlly wish the executives who now have the reins had half the sense of story that you do. I really don’t think they care about character at all. I wish you still had some creative control. Thank you for taking the time to answer the Cady question. Cady did leave twice for personal reasons, but the last time she was fired because of a behind the scenes disagreement over the Tad as torturer/murderer of Greg Madden between her and Megan McTavish. Not only was she let go, but MMT went so far as to totally destroy a story the Tad & Dixie fans had waited 18 years to see – Tad & Dixie with their own child – Kate. It was spiteful of the writer and hurt the show. Fans still have a problem with what Tad did to Madden so Cady wasn’t off in her complaint.

At any rate, AMC has lost it’s heart since then. I only wish the move to LA could restore that. I fear it will only make things worse. But thank you for giving me years of enjoyment and creating the characters I cared so much about before the bozos currently in charge ruined them.

Claudine on October 14, 2009 at 5:46 pm

Hello again Agnes – Just thought I would post two links (one for each page) to a new interview that Cady McClain just completed with Dan Kroll over at soapoperacentral.com. IMHO, she hits the nail right on the head with her comments about the current state of affairs on AMC. If ABC/AMC is ever lucky enough to get her back on the show as Dixie (in any form), the current TPTB should ask her to help them fix what is messed up. Cady is so wise and very brave for speaking out on what she feels has gone wrong. She is also very flattering when she speaks about you and your days of writing on AMC. Here are the links to her interview:

Part 1: http://www.soapcentral.com/atwt/news/2009/1102-mcclain_iview_01.php
Part 2: http://www.soapcentral.com/atwt/news/2009/1102-mcclain_iview_02.php

Susan on November 2, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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hspryhrd on January 1, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Hello again Agnes – I just wanted to thank you for any part you may have played in getting Cady McClain to agree to return to AMC. The news broke today, and all her fans are thrilled, myself included, even if her stay this time will be short as reported. We are all hoping this will eventually lead to her Dixie coming home alive to Tad long term. Keeping our fingers crossed!!!

Susan on January 13, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Well I’m back again Agnes – this time BEGGING for your help almost nine months since my last post here to you. My plea to you today concerns what I believe to be the immediate undeniable need for TPTB at ABC/AMC to seriously approach Cady McClain to return to AMC, in order to bring her Dixie back ALIVE to Tad and the rest of her PV family. It is looooong overdue, and the timing right now is perfect with the holidays approaching. Cady is finally free from her commitment to ATWT and has said she is willing and able to return to AMC, so WHY have those in charge of this show seemingly done absolutely nothing to make this happen??? AMC’s ratings continue to be horrible. One would think that alone would wake them up to the fact that the storylines they are currently putting on the air are anything but compelling. They are all mindnumbingly boring, redundant, and predictable – three qualities no soap worth its salt ever wants to be known for. Please stress to them the urgent need to start the ball rolling on Dixie’s ALIVE return asap, before AMC ends up getting cancelled and/or Cady gets another acting gig that would keep her from ever returning to the show. There is a viable way for TPTB at AMC to dig themselves out of this self imposed hole they have put the show into. They need to resurrect both Cady’s Dixie and Vincent Irizarry’s David. No one believes either one of these characters are ‘dead’ anyway, so why on earth are TPTB wasting valuable time and money trying to make fans believe it??? Both losses have hurt AMC’s ratings terribly and will continue to do so until they bring both characters back ALIVE. Frankly, IMHO, if those in charge of AMC continue to leave them ‘dead’, the entire show will be in the grave with them shortly. Stick a fork in the new L.A. AMC, because it will be done – permanently. As it currently is, I find AMC unwatchable. Perhaps a change in management at ABC/AMC and the writing team might also be warranted. IMHO, they have completely ruined your show.

Thank you again for listening and thank you in advance for any and/or all efforts you might make on behalf of all Tad and Dixie fans, as well as David’s.

Susan on October 23, 2010 at 2:31 am

Thank you Agnes if you had anything to do with Vincent Irizarry’s David returning alive to AMC. Even if that was the plan all along and you had nothing to do with it, in general getting Vincent back will hopefully help AMC ratings wise. That being said, it would help turn AMC ratings around even more if his return leads directly to Cady McClain’s Dixie returning from the dead. TPTB at AMC have a golden opportunity here to take David’s return way beyond his wedded connection to Greenlee. They have laid all the ground work for this with his disappearance for months. Where was the evil Dr. Hayward all that time? Tending to Dixie perhaps?If he was capable of faking his own death, he was certainly capable of faking Dixie’s. Better yet, make David the one to save Dixie’s life and not be the one responsible for her demise in the first place. That would somewhat give David back his soul, which in recent months has been sorely lacking.

I sincerely hope to see evidence very soon that Dixie may very well be alive. If TPTB have brought David back to AMC only to cause more problems and continue to be the total SOB the writers had turned him into before he disappeared, his return will eventually boomerang on the show.

David used to have a soul, twisted, but it was there. Dixie will always be David’s Achilles heel. She saw the hurt little boy at the bottom of all the crap he pulled. She tried to help him, and he took advantage of her kindness and fell in love with her along the way. Unfortunately, David’s way of loving someone is always all consuming, needing to control and own those he cares about, which eventually ends up driving them away. Dixie is the one person who might be able to help David see the error of his ways, if given the chance. She could help save him from himself.

Please consider what I have said here. I only want what is best for AMC. IMHO, bringing Cady back as Dixie alive to Tad and the rest of her PV family asap is the best possible hope for AMC to stay on the air long term.

Susan on November 24, 2010 at 5:01 pm